"Over the years, I have been going to the gym and have lost hundreds of pounds, only to gain it back. Maria, my life partner, also has a history with the “battle of the bulge”. With a history of obesity in both of our families, as well as diabetes and high blood pressure, we were concerned for our health. Our fear of repeating our family history weighed heavily on our minds. I was already battling high blood pressure and was taking 3 medications in an attempt to control it.


Upon learning about My Metabolic Makeover, Maria and I reluctantly decided that we would give it a try. Our first visit with Dr. Gullo was enlightening. She went over what the problems were with the modern day diet and what needed to be done to solve this problem. She also taught us about proper diet and nutrition and that the right foods, in the right combinations and appropriate supplementation were all critical in controlling our weight and restoring our health. At 286 lbs and a 45 inch waist, I also learned that my metabolic age was 86 years old! I am only 53 years old! Although I was fearful of failing, I knew that I needed to do this in order to save my life!


Dr. Gullo was so comforting and informative, as well as encouraging. That was 5 months ago. Today, I am writing to you at 210 lbs, my blood pressure is 117/78, my cholesterol is 140 and my waist is now a size 34! I am now off of my blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes medications. Since we started this program Maria and I sleep better, we take long walks on the beach, and feel 110% better. I am now raiding my sons’ closets for their designer jeans, and I feel 20 years younger. If you want to look better, feel better and get healthier, My Metabolic Makeover will be the best investment you ever make!


Thank you Dr. Gullo and My Metabolic Makeover for giving us our lives back!"

Charles D.